Dianne Lister has been exploring photography since 1991. Her interest has evolved from capturing images that are personally attractive to experimenting with interacting with an audience through the evocation of feelings, memories and reflection. 

Rural and remote landscapes intrigue Dianne - Gaspe rock faces, stone Guanacaste beaches in Costa Rica, Celtic cemeteries on the Irish Connemara coast, mesas in high deserts of New Mexico, the wildness of the Outer Hebrides islands. These austere settings provide backdrops for themes of curiosity, independence, vulnerability, solitude. 

Dianne has exhibited with Michael Harris in five curated shows through SPARK Photo Festival in Peterborough, and held earlier shows in Creemore, Dufferin County and Toronto. Her most recent show was “The Travelling Blue Dress” project, a solo exhibition held at the Kawartha Art Gallery (2018). Viewers were encouraged to write their reactions to the images, and over fifty stories and poems were created in response to the show. 

Dianne can be contacted at: Diannelister@gmail.com