Donna J. Barry



I remember the road trips with my family to my Aunt’s cottage on Shadow Lake. I was so excited to get there and go swimming, fish with my Dad, row the boat with my Grandpa and make sand castles with my cousins. These are some of my fondest childhood memories.

Thirty years later with my husband, we began our cottage adventure at Shadow Lake. The emotional connection to the lake and its natural surroundings was fantastic. We were so happy to share with our children the cottage life, the wonder of nature and the adventures I treasured as a child. My children now dearly cherish these memories too.

Over all these years I wanted to paint, but life seemed to get in the way. Since I retired with more time to reflect on what stirs me, I have begun painting with acrylics. I am drawn to painting memories of family homes, cottages and local landscapes. I am energized by the focus and detail when capturing special places, moments and exquisite memories for others to treasure, as I do ours.

Call me to explore how your special memories can come to life through art.