Have a question that needs to be answered? Below you will find the answers to some of the most common questions we get.  If you can't find the answer you are looking for please feel free to give us a shout.  Our complete contact information is found at the bottom of the page.


Q:  Does KLAC provide grants for artists?

No, sorry.  At this time we do not provide grants to artists or arts organizations.  We do provide you with the opportunity to network with lots of other artist many of whom have become very successful writing grant proposals and applications.  We also provide educational workshop opportunities around surviving in the art world.  Some of these sessions deal with how to best promote yourself as an artist and how to effectively access grant money.


Q: I belong to an organization that is a member of KLAC. Does that mean I am personally a member of the Arts Council or do I have to buy an individual membership for that? Do I receive KLAC member rates on Arts Council activities and events?

As someone who is part of a KLAC member organization you have access through your organization to our services and our Arts Council community.  This means your organization will receive and pass on to you all of the information and opportunities that we share with our members.  Your organization will be represented as a member on our website and be able to access our ‘News’ page to advertise upcoming events etc just like any other member.  Your organization also has one vote at general meetings. You as an individual do not have a separate vote as you are represented by your organizations vote.  

If you would like to be more involved in the direction of things, and to receive individual member discounts on our events you can certainly purchase an individual membership.  We have a number of folks who are both group members and hold individual memberships.  This gives them a personal vote at general meetings, representation on our website, access to our advertising and ‘News’ page as well as discounted admission to our events and activities when applicable.  Hope this helps.  If you have further questions please fell free to email us at

Q: I would like to update my contact information in the members database.  How do I do that?

Just drop us an email at, with the changes you would like to see.  Please help us redirect your request by writing "contact information update" as the subject and we will take care of that for you.  When the change is made we will send you an email letting you know so that you can verify its accuracy.

Q: When do memberships expire?  Are they automatically renewed?

Memberships run from Jan 1 - Dec 31 each year.  As we approach the end of the calendar year you will receive an email message from your friendly KLAC Board reminding you that it is 'that time' and you can renew your membership online or by sending your cheque to "Kawartha Lakes Arts Council, Box 234, Lindsay, ON. K9V 4S1".  You will receive confirmation of your renewed membership via email or post as is appropriate.


Q: I would like to be represented in the members gallery.  How do I go about that?

As a member you have the opportunity to be represented in our Members Gallery.  To do this, all you have to do is send us an email at that contains whatever text you would like to appear on your page and a handful of images that you would like there as well..  Be sure to identify one image as your choice for the main gallery page.  Feel free to look at the members pages that are already there to get a feel for the kinds of information and images that others have used.  

Q: I am a performing artist. Can I submit audio recordings and video for inclusion in the members gallery?

Absolutely! You can send us text, pictures, poster images, recordings, video links to your YouTube channel...pretty much anything.

Q:  I am having a performance/exhibition of my work and would like exposure through the KLAC website.  What can you do for me?

Just send us whatever information you would like posted and we will post on your member page, on our homepage and advertise through our social media channels. Please note that it really helps us out if you make sure the text information is accurate and worded exactly the way you would like to see it appear.  Feel free to add one nice clear image to draw attention to your event and a link to your own website if that is an option.